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Martin Downes@ http://against-heresies.blogspot.com covers the various theological statements on providence including:

Great providence of heaven--
What wonders shine
In its profound display
Of God's design:
It guards the dust of earth,
Commands the hosts above,
Fulfils the mighty plan
Of his great love

The kingdoms of this world
Lie in its hand;
See how they rise or fall
At its command
Through sorrow and distress,
Tempestuous storms that rage,
God's kingdom yet endures
From age to age

Its darkness dense is but
A radiant light;
Its oft-perplexing ways
Are ordered right.
Soon all its winding paths
Will end, and then the tale
Of wonder shall be told
Beyond the veil.

David Charles, 1762-1834;
Translated from the Welsh by Edmund Tudor Owen

Welsh Calvinistic Methodist Confession of Faith (1823)

Article 7, Of God's Providence in the Preservation and Government of the World

Belgic Confession

Article 13 About the Providence of God

Westminster Confession of Faith

Chapter 5: Of Providence

Westminster Shorter Catechism

Q. 11. What are God’s works of providence?

The Heidelberg Catechism
Q. 26. What do you believe when you say: “I believe in God the Father Almighty, Maker of heaven and earth?”

Q 27. What do you understand by the providence of God?

Q 28. What does it profit us to know that God created, and by His providence upholds, all things?

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