Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sermon Outline: Ruth 4:11-22. “The Boaz Generation”

1) The Salutation (Ruth 4:11-12)

· Psalm 127:1-5

· Micah 5:2

2) The Son (Ruth 4:13-17)

(A) The Narrative Report of the Birth of a Boy (4:13)

· Genesis 2:24

· Psalm 139:13-16

(B) The Women’s Reaction to the Birth of the Boy (4:14–15)

i. The Women’s Blessing for yahweh (4:14a)

ii. The Women’s Prayer for the Child (4:14b)

iii. The Women’s Declaration of Confidence for Naomi (4:15)

(C) The Narrative Report of Naomi’s Adoption of the Boy (4:16)
(D) The Women’s Naming of the Child (4:17a-b)
(E) The Narrator’s Conclusion (4:17c)

3) The Summary (Ruth 4:18-22)

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