Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Quebec MDs and euthanasia

Yesterday, the Federation des Medecins Specialistes du Quebec (FMSQ) released results of a survey of their membership in which 3/4 of respondents indicate support for the concept of euthanasia. The FMSQ is a collective of 35 different specialists organizations, interestingly none of them being palliative care specialists.

A story in today's National Post accurately quotes Don Hutchinson of the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada as comparing euthanasia with capital punishment, however the analogy is not completed in the text.

"The laws in our country don't forbid suicide but they do forbid helping someone to take someone's life and there's good reason for that," he said. "An individual may have a moment of expression about dying without a genuine desire to really do so. Look at the number of people who have been let out of prison because we found out they didn't commit a crime. If we had the death penalty, we wouldn't be able to do that."

The completed analogy is that just as a momentary decision on capital punishment can have irrevocable consequences, so to would such a decision in regard to euthanasia or assisted suicide. [MORE]

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