Monday, March 14, 2011

The Power and Pity of Jesus, Part 1 (Mark 5:21-34) John MacArthur

From John MacArthur:
It's been my joy to study, in particular, the gospels. This is the fourth gospel that we've done together here. We have spent nearly 25 years in the gospels and I never ever tire, I never grow weary of the magnificence of Christ. Usually I get a week to prepare a sermon, but I've had three weeks to work on this one and I could keep you here until you fell out of the window and died and we had to raise you from the dead, like Eutychus, but I won't do that, so we'll have to break this portion of Scripture into two parts, this week and next. It's inexhaustible the treasure of Scripture. What a joy for me the last few weeks to have literally been saturated with the truth of this text.

Mark 5 starting in verse 21, Mark 5. It is a text that is contained in Matthew. Matthew records it in chapter 9 and Luke records it in chapter 8. There are two miracles in the passage from verse 21 to 43 and they are interestingly arranged. It is another one of those Mark sandwiches. It is a story within a story, a miracle within a miracle. And usually I read the full text and that is a delight and a joy and a privilege and a responsibility to do but in this case, in the narrative, I would rather allow the narrative to unfold itself to us and so we'll move through it together verse by verse and then we'll complete it next Sunday.

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