Tuesday, February 14, 2012

People Don't Fall Out of Love

People may fall out of repentance, but they don't fall out of love. God tells us we can love our enemies. How? Because love doesn't begin with or emanate from us—God is love. Even when we're not feeling particularly friendly toward our spouse, we can still love them with the love that God gives. Don't say you've fallen out of love. Don't say you're unwilling to work on your friendship with your spouse.

This clip is excerpted from the sermon "Friend with Benefits," part 2 of Mars Hill Church's Real Marriage sermon series, based off the book of the same name by Pastor Mark and Grace Driscoll. It was preached by Pastor Mark at Mars Hill Downtown Bellevue and released on January 22.

Watch the full sermon here: http://marshill.com/media/real-marriage/friend-with-benefits
For more on the Real Marriage book, campaign, and tour, visit:

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