Thursday, August 09, 2007

Confrontational Evangelism

By William D @

Although it is not popular anymore to go door to door as a method of evangelism, I still think it's something that should be practiced. Here's some thoughts:

First, do not approach this as a means to grow the church. In our area, door knocking hasn't proven to bring hoards of people into our church. It is not a matter of pragmatism.

Second, this method of evangelism get's the Christian out of his comfort zone and challenges him to get out of his shell and leave "self" behind.

Third, this method exposes you to a world of unbelievers who are outside of your every day routine. You will encounter all kinds of philosophies, religions, world views, and it will challenge you to learn how to articulate your faith to such people.

Fourth, this method will put you in direct contact with people who are lost, confused, hurt, and dead in their sins. This contact should soften your heart toward them and cause your heart to break for thier lost condition! This heart break should drive you to more intense prayer for the lost to be found by Christ through your faithful witness of Him.

Fifth, this method gives you the opportunity to GO to where sinners are. Nobody catches fish by studying on fishing, gathering with other fishermen at fishermen's meetings, and just simply living the fishermen's life in front of the fish. You have to go out there and catch them. It's hard, fish don't like it, and they try to avoid you....but what do you expect from them? You're trying to take them out of their natural environment and bring them to yours. That change of environment will kill them! That's exactly the point spiritually, they must die to their sin and accept Christ. You and I get the dirty job of going after them!

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