Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Ministerial Qualifications


Kim Riddlebarger @ http://kimriddlebarger.squarespace.com

Saw this recent news article about Ted Haggard's replacement at New Life Church in Colorado Springs--Rev. Brady Boyd (Click here: Colorado church recommends replacement for Haggard (OneNewsNow.com)).

Here is his bio as given in the news story:

"Boyd, a graduate of Louisiana Tech University, served as senior pastor of Trinity Fellowship Church in Hereford, Texas, before joining Gateway in 2001. He has experience in sales management and in TV and radio broadcasting, according to his Web site. He is married with two children."

I think that just about says it all . . .

Sadly, this is what far too many evangelicals are looking for--a pastor with sales experience and a face for TV.

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