Friday, January 04, 2008

"Prophet" Pat Is At It Again


By Kim Riddlebarger@

Pat the "prophet" Robertson is at it again. For 2008, he's predicting a recession and major upheaval in the financial markets. He's also predicting increasing violence and chaos around the world. He even claims God told who who the next president will be. Click here: Pat Robertson predicts violence, recession for 2008 | |

But before you go all sell of your stocks, don't forget that in 2006 God supposedly told Pat that a Tsunami would hit the Pacific Northwest, and that in 2007, God "told" Pat that millions of Americans would die in a terrorist attack.

I have two simple questions. How can Robertson spew these falsehoods with a straight face? God told Pat Robertson no such thing! And why on earth does anybody pay any attention to this guy?

Well, I know the answer to the last question--the media thinks the guy is a total doof. And yes, I am paying attention to him (I'll admit it) because his continuing false prophecies make the point about the importance of the sufficiency of Scripture. If God has revealed himself in Christ, why do we need Pat Robertson?

I just wish the guy would shut up! Retire already!

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