Monday, February 23, 2009

Pastor tests congregations compassion


Longview, TX (KLTV) A Longview minister wanted to find out whether people at his church practiced what

they believed, so he came up with a unique exercise in human character. How would you react to a person in need on the street? That was what Tommy Jackson used to test his congregation.

Sunday morning at Rose Heights church and a stranger, smelling of alcohol was walking through the parking area, accosting church members.

"There was concern for the individual, we could tell that something not quite right," said church member, Gary Treat. But it was no stranger, it was Rose Heights pastor Tommy Jackson in disguise.

"This month we have a series, well the whole series is called Kingdom People, the one distinguishing factor of a Christian should be our love," Jackson says.

Jackson wanted to test his congregation on their compassion for those in need. Playing the part to the fullest, he even had the police called on him. Some church members were leary, but others offered food and shelter, not knowing who the mystery man was. Jackson revealed himself at the end of the Sunday service.

"What are we doing to help those less fortunate, what are we doing to share God with others," says church member Chris Johnson.

Its a sure bet, they'll never look at Jackson quite the same way.

Video: Pastor Tests Congregations Compassion

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