Monday, September 28, 2009

Review: ESV Study Bible (Hardcover) — Eds. Wayne Grudem and Lane T. Dennis

inthylight has a useful review of the ESV Study Bible.


Summary: The ESV Study Bible (and accompanying web site) is a great tool for personal study and family worship; it leads the way in breadth, depth, and innovation for a new generation of study Bibles.

Book Info

ISBN: 9781433502415 (Worldcat; Google Books)
Publisher: Crossway (2008)
Genre: Biblical studies
Reading Level: middle–high school
Worthy read? Yes

Why this study Bible?

Achieves balance and expertise with multiple scholars.

Explains redemption history and literary features.

Presents all new notes.

R. C. Sproul’s 2005 study Bible

2003 Spirit of the Reformation Study Bible.

Avoids topical agendas; Lets God speak.

Includes useful web site.

ESV Study Bible Website. try the free preview.

Presents beautiful, full-color charts and maps.

Solomon's Temple Illustrated in the ESV Study Bible

View more examples at the ESV Study Bible web site.


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For more information be sure to visit the official web site for the ESV Study Bible. Also, comparing a few more reviews may be helpful:

  1. Evangelical author and blogger Tim Challies offers a useful review.
  2. Nathan Stitt offers a thoughtful layman’s review, especially noting the balanced stance of the editors (i.e. it is not just a Calvinist or just an Arminian study Bible…).
  3. Andy Naselli links to the review he published in JETS (Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society).
  4. The “Scripture Zealot” blog has posted links to about 20 or so reviews of the ESV Study Bible.

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