Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Christ: The Living Expositor, Pt 1 of 2 (Luke 24:13-32)

Ask ten Christians to name their favorite Bible teacher and you'll probably hear ten different answers. That makes sense because good teachers are gifts from the Lord, and He has blessed His church with many.

But there is one Bible teacher who stands above all the rest ... one expositor whose teaching about Jesus was without equal ... a teacher who could open his mouth and with his words, open the eyes of any who listened.

Who was this unparalleled teacher? More importantly, what did he say about Jesus?

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The Old Geezer said...

I agree with your intro to the Dr. MacArthur video. His radio program has been a blessing in my life since God had mercy on me back in 1980. I was especially blessed when I read his book, Ashamed of the Gospel.
I believe he is the Spurgeon of our time. I only live about 60 miles from his church and have been blessed to go hear him preach a couple of times.
Keep the faith, Jesus is coming soon.