Monday, December 14, 2009

The Living Christ Dispels All Doubt - (Luke 24:33-43)

Just before last Easter, some anti-Christian television journalists announced to the world, you will remember this, that they had discovered the family tomb of Jesus and the bones of Jesus were still in it. Their leader calls himself the Naked Archaeologist. I doubt that thats a reference to the emperor with no clothes, but it seems to me to be a close connection. This leader suggested that the discovery should not be disturbing to Christians. To find Jesus bones was no problem because the Spirit of Jesus was still alive. Obviously a bad theologian, he was an equally bad archaeologist and an equally bad journalist, since it took only a few days after the first appearance of this highly promoted National Geographic television network special for them to pull it off the air because it was totally debunked as a fraud and all further reruns were canceled..

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