Monday, July 05, 2010

The Facts About Fossils

What are fossils? How were they formed? What clues, if any, do they provide for determining the age of the earth? Today, John MacArthur answers those questions as he explains what the fossil record proves, and maybe more important, what it doesn't prove.

You've probably heard evolutionists use the existence of the fossil record to try and pin an extremely old age on the earth. They talk about radiometric dating, radioactive isotopes, and geologic scales of time, all to convince you the earth is billions of years old. But their research is driven by massive underlying assumptions—one of them involves how living creatures became fossilized in the first place. John explains . . .

Here's an important question for the comment thread: Fossils didn't exist before death; death didn't exist before human sin; human sin didn't exist before Adam. So, where did much of the fossil record come from? The flood.

If you don't agree, how do you reconcile the fossil record with those biblical truths?

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