Friday, July 02, 2010

The Pattern for Biblical Fellowship, Part 2

As you know, we are continuing to look at the subject of fellowship. And we talked about that a little bit last time. Let me just give you a brief introduction.

We hear the word a lot around the church, always have, but we need to get a good understanding and a good definition of what it actually means. The church is a fellowship. The Greek word koinonia means partnership. That's essentially what it means. Shared life, shared ministry, shared responsibility, shared resources, all of those fit together to make up what we understand as fellowship.

The component that makes it work is love, spiritual life and spiritual love. The love of Christ shed abroad in our hearts draws us not only to Him, but to one another. And so, in fellowship we serve one another in love. And the goal of this fellowship, according to Ephesians, is to build up the body of Christ into the fullness of the stature of Christ. We serve each other in love for the purpose of strengthening the body, giving honor to the Lord, enjoying His blessing, demonstrating His power, giving witness to the world and becoming increasingly more like Him.

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