Saturday, September 29, 2007

Healing From Abortion Through Jesus Christ

Here’s a YouTube video telling the powerful story of how one young woman who experienced abortion found forgiveness, healing and a passionate ministry—all through the Great Physician!

About This Video
Michelle thought her abortion would be a simple, in-and-out procedure. As a teen, she was not prepared for the devasting effects.

There was a botched twin abortion in Italy where the baby with Downs Syndrome was supposed to be aborted. But the doctor botched the abortion and murdered the healthy baby, as if in some cruel twist of fate their actions turned around and slapped them right back in the face. Will people ever learn not to fool with what God created, even if it is not "perfect" in our own eyes?

Abortion of WRONG TWIN - Healthy baby aborted - downs syndrome baby survives.,,215681 3,00.html!

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