Wednesday, September 19, 2007

How Unfaithfulness and Apathy Destroys a Soceity

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"Something we are apt to forget is that (the early Christians) regarded the Old Testament and the Revelation of Christ and the growing New Testament which was growing then, of course, say the first century, was God who has spoken and that God has given truth and as such, they were not caught up in the flux of the relativistic Roman world because it really was relativistic, much like our own day."

- Francis Schaeffer

The Christians in the early days had no problem not conforming to the world around them even though it brought death to many of those who stood fast. They were happy to be transformed by the renewing of their minds in spite of seeing their brothers and sisters in Christ eaten by lions, torn in two, or crucified upside down for not giving up their profession of the risen Messiah.

Rome, however, did not believe and delved more and more into idolatry, paganism, and apathy as a result. They relied heavily on their military and dictatorship which will cause any society to eventually decay. Relying solely on the Almighty God, walking in His ways, and loving Him resulted in the early Christians, well, being called Christians. Living against Him and His statutes is a certain way for one to fall. Watching this clip and comparing Rome to much of our country today is frightening.

In this brief clip from Dr. Francis Schaeffer's How Then Should We Live, he examines some of the fallicies that caused Rome to become defunct. We can all learn from history what NOT to do from the mistakes of others, and what we should be doing now from the example of the faithful of that day...

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