Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Death of John Marks Templeton

Sir John Templeton--the billionaire philathropist, PCUSA elder, and founder of the Templeton Prize to foster "progress in religion" and the discovery of "spiritual realities"--has died at 95. Here is the NYT eulogy.

John Marks Templeton had a number of beliefs, one he called the “humble approach”.

Ingrid Schlueter listed the report The Berean Call wrote about that approach:

According to Templeton, the world’s scriptures (including the Bible) “were written… [by] men whose minds were limited by cosmologies long since discredited” (H, 61). Nor does the Bible accurately record the words of Christ, because those who reported them “could write down only what they understood… [as] ignorant and primitive… Jews.” (H, 39-40). Berean Call, May, 96

For more information on his heretical views see this chapter from the online book, Reinventing Jesus Christ, which details Templeton’s “humility theology”.

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