Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Woodrow Kroll on Biblical Illiteracy reviews a conference featuring Dr. Woodrow Kroll. He notes that:

Kroll preached a challenging message on the issue of biblical illiteracy. He stated some statistical research from Barna, Gallup, and the research arm of Back to the Bible which reveals that people are ignorant of the Bible. This problem is not confined to the general culture. Rather, the evidence suggests that it is a problem among evangelical church-goers as well. This problem has resulted in a lack of discernment which Dr. Kroll from Back to the Bible. Dr. described as a failure to find "true north" on spiritual matters.
Dr. Kroll stated seven problems resulting from biblical illiteracy:

1) It has caused moral apathy among Christians.
2) It has robbed us of answers to the key questions of life.
3) It has hastened the dumbing down of the church.
4) It creates a lack of intimacy with God.
5) It decreases the value of Christianity among other religions.
6) It diminishes the urgency for evangelism.
7) It hampers our ability to find true north spiritually.

Dr. Kroll went on to suggest seven things each person can do to recover spiritual "true north."

1) Read the Bible to be transformed not just informed.
2) Read the Bible to metabolize it.
3) Read the Bible by tithing your time to God.
4) Read the Bible for God's purpose not yours.
5) Read your Bible and chart your spiritual growth.
6) Read your Bible and make it personal.
7) Read your Bible and make a covenant with God to do it.

Research done by Back to the Bible showed that a person who engages with Scripture at least four times per week shows a marked difference in their lifestyle. His message was a good reminder that the church will always be spiritually anemic and even inept without regular engagement with God's Word.

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