Wednesday, April 08, 2009

An Apologia for the 24-Hour Day Creation View

Bob McCabe @ gives an Apologia for the 24-Hour Day Creation View. In Part One he covers:


First, the semantic constraints of the singular “day” argue for a normal day.

Second, the use of “evening” and “morning” as qualifiers of “day” also support a literal interpretation of the creation days.

Third, scriptural parallels with “day” further suggest that the days of the creation week were literal days.

Finally, numerical qualifiers used with “day” consistently point to literal days in the creation week.For Further Reading

In Part Two, he notes four of the most prominent alternative views that have arisen largely as a result of the advent of modern geology and its claims about the (old) age of the earth:

(1) Theistic evolution.

(2) Day-age view.

(3) Gap theory.

(4) Framework interpretation.

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