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Devotions for Passion Week

Here is Google Map that annotates the events of the Passion Week.

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Passion Week
Passion Week

A. Friday/Saturday: Jesus arrives in Bethany
Jesus arrives in Bethany; Mary anoints Jesus during a meal; the crowds come to s
B. Sunday: Triumphal Entry
Jesus makes his so-called triumphal entry into Jerusalem. Some Greeks seek Jesus
C. Monday: Cleansing the Temple
On the way back to Jerusalem Jesus curses the fig tree. When he arrives in Jeru
D. Tuesday: Olivet Discourse
On the way back to Jerusalem in the morning the disciples see the withered fig t
E. Wednesday: Teaching at the Temple
Jesus continues his daily teaching in the temple while the Sanhedrin plots to ki
F. Thursday: The Last Supper
On Thursday evening in an upper room in Jerusalem, Jesus and his 12 disciples ea
G. Thursday: Gethsemane
While in the Garden of Gethsemane (on the western slopes of Olivet, northeast of
H. Friday: Jesus before Annas and Caiaphas, Peter denies Jesus
Jesus is taken for an informal hearing before Annas. (Annas served as high pries
I. Friday: Jesus before Pilate
Jesus’ Roman trial begins as he is delivered over to stand before Pontius
J. Friday: Jesus before Herod
Upon learning that Jesus was a Galilean (and hence under the jurisdiction of Her
K. Friday: Jesus before Pilate, flogged
The Praetorium, a raised stone pavement used for official judgments, stood outsi
L. Friday: Simon of Cyrene carries Jesus' cross
Probably passing through the Gennath (Garden) Gate, Jesus is unable to carry the
M. Friday: Jesus crucified
Jesus is led to the hill of Golgotha overlooking a quarry (most likely at the pr
N. Friday: Tearing of the Temple curtain
As Jesus died, the massive curtain in Herod’s Temple, separating the Holy
O. Friday: Jesus buried
Joseph of Arimathea, a wealthy member of the Sanhedrin and a secret disciple of
P. Saturday: Pilate orders the tomb sealed
On the Sabbath, at the suggestion of the chief priests and the Pharisees, Pilate
Q. Sunday: Jesus' resurrection
(The following is based on a helpful harmonization by Craig Blomberg, Jesus and

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