Sunday, July 05, 2009

Kevin Williams ' critique of Dispensationalism

Quote from this sermon: (summary points below quote)

"a bomb goes off in America, or some other part of the world, and we all say what a tragedy that is, and we mourn for them. But then someone fires a missile or a bomb at Israel, or threatens to nuke them, and then all the dispensationalists who are always telling us how much they love Israel, and are accusing everyone who’s not a dispensationist of being anti-semetic, they’re all giggling amongst themselves, getting excited, saying, "Oooh, 50 Israelites have been killed, how exciting". There is something sickening about that truth. Those are real people, real souls.

But you see Biblical eschatology is really about, the Joy of Christ’s return, and seeing Him face to face. And seeing Him sat upon His throne, seeing Christ exalted, and every knee bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord."

In this sermon we show how Scripture clearly teaches that:
-God does not have two brides, Israel and the Church, but One People in Jesus Christ.
-When Christ returns it will be the eternal age and not a temporary 1000 year Kingdom
-We also look at the 3 Faulty Hermeneutic Rules of Dispensationalism.
-Any Jews outside of Jesus Christ are NOT God's people.

Listen to Sermon or download mp3:
Gal 3:27-29+Var - Why I Am Not A Dispensationalist Or Premillenialist-Kevin Williams -54 min

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