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500th Anniversary of the birth of John Calvin
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John Calvin was a Swiss reformer, arguably the greatest of Protestant theologians, and perhaps the most widely followed Western theologian after St. Augustine. July 10 marks the 500th anniversary of his birth in Noyon, France. Learn about his life and influence, as well as the importance of over 125 other key events and people of the Protestant Reformation with the Reformation Time Line pamphlet, wall chart, and PowerPoint™ presentation. Do you consider yourself a Calvinist? Click here to take our 1 question end times poll and view the results!

See 400 years of church history alongside the colorful politics of King Henry VIII, Queen Elizabeth, and others. The Reformation Time Line tells the dramatic events that led to the formation of Protestantism. In just an easy to use timeline, you'll know all the key people and events involved in the Reformation—one of the most important periods in church history.

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Reformation Time Line includes a map of the reformation, a "family tree" of denominations, and a comparison of the 5 points of Calvinism and Arminianism. Click here to learn more or buy "Reformation Time Line" Now!

The Reformation Time Line pamphlet tells the dramatic events that led to the formation of a new kind of Christianity: Protestantism. Formatted in an easy-to-follow time line, this bestselling downloadable pamphlet begins with the pre-Reformation period, 1215-1515, presenting the dramatic events leading to the bold actions of a German monk named Martin Luther and the onset of the Reformation period, 1516-1563, in Church history. Luther’s actions were only part of the process that shaped Western Christianity.

Reformation Timeline is rich in historical content and provides the following information:

  • Details on the three Reformation time periods:
    • The Pre-Reformation Period, 1215-1515, for example
      • The trial of Joan of Arc, 1431
      • Martin Luther is ordained as priest and celebrates first mass, 1507
    • The Reformation Period, 1515-1563, for example
      • Luther introduces German-language worship services, 1522
      • The Church of England branches off the Catholic Church
    • The Post-Reformation Period, 1564-1689, for example
      • The term “Puritan” is first used for Protestants who want to “purify” the Church of England of ceremony and ritual not found in the Bible, 1564
  • Illustrations of more than 30 events and people
  • Origins of Protestant doctrines
  • A map showing the spread of the Reformation
  • A family tree of Protestant denominations
  • History of Bible translation into the English language

Reformation Time-Line also provides:

  • Branches of the Reformation including
    • Reformation leaders
    • Branches
    • Denominational offshoots
  • The Five Solas of the Reformation and their meanings
  • The five points of Arminianism
  • The five points of Calvinism
Here are a few of the world-changing events and key people from the time line appearing in these rich time periods:
  • The Pre-Reformation Period, 1215-1515
    • The Magna Carta
    • The trial of Joan of Arc
    • Martin Luther
    • John Wycliffe
    • William Tyndale
  • The Reformation Period, 151-1563
    • Erasmus
    • John Calvin
    • Anabaptist movement
    • Founding of the first Protestant college
    • Ulrich Zwingli
    • King Henry VIII becomes the head of the English church
  • The Post-Reformation Period, 1564-1689

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