Friday, July 31, 2009

Why Church Nursery Ministry Matters

Kent Shaffer @ has an interesting post on UNDERSTANDING BABIES

#1 - Dunstan Baby Language (birth to 3 months)
Dunstan Baby Language teaches you to recognize 5 universal sounds that all babies make from birth to 3-months-old. They communicate hunger (Neh), tiredness (Owh), need to burp (Eh), gas (Eair), and discomfort (Heh).

#2 - The Happiest Baby
The Happiest Baby gives the 5 S’s for keeping a baby comfortable and happy - Swaddle, Sway (bounce), Shh, Side, and Suck. For example, the sound “Shh” comforts a baby because it mimics the sound of the womb.

#3 - Baby Signs
Baby Signs is a proven sign language program for hearing babies that reduces frustration and eases communication.

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