Thursday, June 04, 2009

Learning Evangelism from Jesus

Here is the summary and description of an interesting new book by Jerram Barrs.


Studying Jesus’ conversations with a diversity of people during his life, this director of the Francis Schaeffer Institute draws lessons and principles for modern evangelistic practice from the four Gospels, offering believers timeless wisdom in their approach to unbelievers.


Studying Jesus’ conversations with diverse people in his day, Jerram Barrs draws lessons and principles for attractively communicating the gospel to unbelievers in our day.

Living in a culture that is opposed to Christianity tempts God’s people to conform, to retreat, to be silent. But Jesus showed the way to live faithfully before an unbelieving world.

As the greatest evangelist, Jesus exemplified how to attract people to the gospel. He modeled how to initiate spiritual conversations full of grace and truth. Christian evangelism, then, both in theory and practice, must be shaped by his pattern.

Seeking to articulate the passions and principles present in Christ’s life and words, longtime L’Abri staff member Jerram Barrs has studied Jesus’ diverse encounters with people throughout the Gospels. Each chapter of Learning Evangelism from Jesus recounts one of those stories, draws useful lessons for readers’ lives and communication of the gospel, and concludes with questions for further reflection and application. This highly practical book will guide Christians in how to live before unbelievers and how to love them into the kingdom, just as Jesus did.

1. The Christian’s Calling to the World 11
2. Caught in the Act 21
3. The Woman of Samaria 35
4. Jesus and the Bible Teacher 53
5. A Wealthy Young Leader of the Church 69
6. An Unusual Dinner Invitation 83
7. The Lost Sheep and The Lost Coin: Parables for a Mixed Gathering 101
8. The Two Lost Sons: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly 117
9. The “Sinful Woman” and the “Righteous Man” 131
10. Revealing the Pharisee’s Heart 149
11. Religious and Moral Traditionalists: The Problem of Rules and Traditions 163
12. Faith among the Canaanites 179
13. The Faith of the Centurion: An Officer and a Gentleman 193
14. A Night Visitor 205
15. The Shrewd Manager: Money, Money, Money 219
16. Not the Most Comfortable Guest! 233
Conclusion 249
Study Guide 253
Notes 269
General Index 273
Scripture Index 279

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