Thursday, September 06, 2007

Islam's Worst Nightmare - Not America, but Christian China


D. James Kennedy died today at age 76, and what a significant and great evangelical leader he was. Among his latest and greatest contributions, beyond highlighting the Darwin/Nazism link, is raising our awareness of the Back to Jerusalem movement.

In one of his latest broadcasts, he discussed how Chinese Christians are training and planning to release over 100,000 missionaries to the Muslim world. Chinese seminaries are teaching their missionary students Arabic and Farsi. And while Muslim countries "lock the front door facing the West," they are "leaving the back door wide open." In fact, in the next 25 years, some estimate over 400M Christians in China, many of whom will push the gospel across the middle east.

Back to Jerusalem

The main idea behind this movement is that the gospel has, from it's inception, pretty much traveled Westward around the globe, and is currrently spreading in China. The Chinese want to continue carrying the gospel westward back to Jersusalem, which is directly across the Middle East, the 1040 window where the world's Muslims are concentrated.

The Crusades

Kennedy also remarks that there has never been a focused missionary effort focused on Islam, and that the crusades were not a spiritual effort, but merely a political effort to take back territory from the Muslims who, over the previous 400 years, took those territories by force, subjugating the people as they went.


We have seen Koreans sending missionaries into these dangerous places, because South Korea has been heavily Christianized over the past few decades. In fact, the world's largest Christian Church is in Seoul, where Paul Cho's Yoido Full Gospel Church has an active membership of over 800,000 members.

Communism and Islam

Kennedy relates how we all worried so much about the Soviet Union and Communism, and how they collapsed ideologically, not militarily. He believes that Islam will succumb to Christian missionary work, and I hope he is right.

But you can't oppose such a demonic ideology without death. As it is said, the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church. I do hope and pray for increased Christian revival among Muslims, and early signs are there.

We'll miss you Pastor Kennedy.

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