Tuesday, October 30, 2007

New Movie: Bella

From Josh Harris @ http://www.joshharris.com

I saw a few snippets of the trailer for the movie Bella this summer at a musical festival and thought it looked good, but didn't hear anything about it until recently.

Two days ago a lady in my church named Gretchen emailed me after hearing the young man who stars in the movie, Eduardo Verastegui, interviewed on Family Life Today. Evidently, he's a Christian with a real commitment to honor Jesus as an actor.

Then I read a post by my brother Alex over at The Rebelution:

Brett and I had the honor of hosting a pre-release screening of Bella at an event in Salt Lake City last month. The small-budget film shocked the film world by taking the People's Choice Award at the prestigious Toronto Film Festival last year. It is a powerful film on the true meaning of love, life, redemption, and family.

Written, produced, directed, and starring some of the most talented and Christ-focused young men we have met, Bella is a film that will reach the heart of any person, regardless of their political or religious views. What makes us so excited about this film is its potential to change hearts and save lives.

Today, I watched the full trailer. It looks like a well-produced movie and I'm excited to see it. For those of you who live in Gaithersburg, it's playing at the Rio. Maybe I'll see you there. (You can find a theatre featuring the film, here.)

If you've seen the movie, please post a comment with your thoughts. Here's an article that gives more background about the filmmaker and the story behind the picture.

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