Monday, October 22, 2007

What sola scriptura is…and what it is not…


Oftentimes there is a significant mischaracterization of the doctrine of sola scriptura. Most often it comes from Roman Catholics and others who would oppose such things, but it is also frequently obscured by those in Protestant circles. I offer this helpful distillation and clarification as a guidepost of the doctrine via James White’s book The Roman Catholic Controversy.

Sola sciptura is not a….

/1/ claim that the Bible contains all knowledge;

/2/ claim that the Bible is an exhaustive catalog of all religious knowledge;

/3/ denial of the Church’s authority to teach God’s truth;

/4/ denial that God’s Word has, at times, been spoken;

/5/ rejection of every kind of tradition;

/6/ denial of the role of the Holy Spirit in guiding the Church

A Summary of sola scriptura

/1/ Scripture is the sole infallible rule of faith.

/2/ No other revelation is needed for the Church.

/3/ There is no other infallible rule of faith outside of Scripture.

/4/ Scripture reveals those things necessary for salvation.

/5/ All traditions are subject to the higher authority of Scripture.

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