Friday, December 07, 2007

Did God Forget my Mom?

By Mark Altrogge @

But God remembered Noah and all the beasts and all the livestock that were with him in the ark (Genesis 8:1).

It had been raining for 150 days and Noah & company were drifting on a featureless sea. For five dreary months they had been cooped up in the ark with no word from God. It must have seemed like an eternity. Noah must have wondered at times if God had forgotten them.

But God remembered Noah. Did God suddenly wake up with a start exclaiming, "Oh no! I can't believe it -- I forgot about Noah. I hope he's okay"? No. God hadn't forgotten about Noah for a nanosecond. But from Noah's perspective, after five long months, God now remembered him and came to his aid, sending a wind to dry up the waters.

Has God forgotten you?

Do you ever feel like you're on a tiny raft on a vast ocean and all the rescue crews have given up looking for you? Do you ever feel like you’ve dropped off God’s radar screen?

God has promised never to forget his blood-bought children. He's engraved us on his hands and written our names on his heart. He never slumbers nor sleeps as he watches over us. He knows our rising up and our lying down, our going out and coming in. He never leaves us or forsakes us. If we fly to the sunrise or sink in the sea, he'll be there. He can't forget us because we've been joined to Christ. When he looks at Christ he sees us. Oh yes, God remembers us.

God remembered Mom

The last 7 years of her life, Alzheimer's disease whittled away my mom’s memory and life. In the early stages Mom would say to me, “Mark, I just hope I never forget Jesus and I never forget my family.” I'd reply, “Mom, even if you forget Jesus, Jesus will never forget you. And even if you forget us, we will never forget you.” And Jesus did keep my Mom. She was joyful even as her mind deteriorated. She never became belligerent or depressed as many Alzheimer's sufferers do. As her mind gradually drained away, all that remained was the sweetness of who she'd become in Jesus Christ. Though Mom lost her ability to read and remember Scripture, though she eventually lost most of her memory of Jesus, Jesus never forgot Mom. He was with her till her final breath. How glorious it must have been the moment she awakened to see the face of her Savior. How glorious it must have been when all Mom's memories of Jesus and his work in her life came flooding back.

God remembered Noah. God remembered Mom. God remembers you.

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