Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Applying OT Law Today

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J. Daniel Hays has written a helpful article called “Applying the Old Testament Law Today” [Bibliotheca Sacra 158: 629 (2001): 21-35].You can find the full article here. He notes:

What approach should believers follow in interpreting the Old
Testament Law? In accord with sound hermeneutical method, it should be an
approach that (a) is consistent, treating all Old Testament Scripture as
God’s Word, (b) does not depend on arbitrary nontextual categories, (c)
reflects the literary and historical context of the Law, placing it firmly into
the narrative story of the Pentateuch, (d) reflects the theological context of
the Law, and (e) corresponds to New Testament teaching.

Here is a summary of how he would apply his method to a particular passage:

  • Identify What The Particular Law Meant To The Initial

  • Determine The Differences Between The Initial Audience And
    Believers Today

  • Develop Universal Principles From The Text

  • Correlate The Principle With New Testament Teaching

  • Apply The Modified Universal Principle To Life Today

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