Sunday, June 08, 2008

Book Review- Praying Backwards

Erik Raymond @ presents a review of Bryan Chapell's book: Praying Backwards. He notes: “How would your prayer change if you began where you normally end?” Bryan Chapell asks this question in his book Praying Backwards. Chapell’s contention is that if you begin with a Christ-centered, Christ-glorifying mindset you will crowd out self-centered, unbiblical prayers while also calibrating your prayer life with the divine agenda".

Some of the chapters are included here:

Praying in Jesus’ Way: Not My Will but Yours

Praying Boldly: As a Child of God

Praying Expectantly: For All things Always

Praying Persistently: Never, Never Give Up

Praying in God’s Will: Within the Fence of Righteousness

In a review from one section: "Chapell’s chapter on Praying in the Spirit is outstanding. He unpacks the glory of being united to Christ and having the Holy Spirit helping us in our weakness".

“Out of Fatherly care, he sends his Spirit to convict our heart of sin, reveal the deception of false idols, renew our appreciation of close fellowship with him, and by these measures, purify our affections (John 16.8-11). In short, the Holy Spirit reveals both the misery of our sin and the goodness of our Savior so that our greatest desire is to do his will….The Holy Spirit similarly fills us with love for Christ to overcome the power of sin. As love for Jesus fills our heart, the air in which our sin and selfishness thrives is forced out. Desire for the things of this world drowns in a heart that is filled up with love for Christ. The Holy Spirit fills our heart with this supreme love for Christ so that his purposes are our greatest desire. This Spirit-filled prayer is preeminently Christ-loving prayer.” (p.77-78)

He concludes: "Praying Backwards is a very helpful book on prayer. Its narrow aim to get the reader prayer more biblically is applicable for everyone. And its simple and clear writing style makes it suitable for a Christian at any level of maturity".

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