Monday, June 16, 2008

Please… Don’t Come to My Church


From Monday Morning Insight:

Nick had a great post over at Essential Shift last week. The first paragraph really grabbed my attention: " If I had it my way I would do away with outreach events. I would get rid of every event we hold at our church that is geared towards bringing non-Christians to our church. Now let me explain. Non-Christians are non-Christians for a reason, and they don’t come to church for a reason. 99% of everyone here in America has been to a church, has been invited to a church, or has been witnessed to, and there are still those who want nothing to do with the church. Why do we think that inviting them to a murder mystery night get them to change their mind? I’ll tell you why, we want it on our turf, we want to call the shots." Read the full post here...

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