Friday, October 17, 2008

Study Bibles that are NOT coming out

iMonk @ pulls out the comedy stops to suggest Study Bibles for particular authors. He lists:

The Phil Johnson “PoMotivator” Study Bible.

The Tim Challies Clearly Canadian Discernment Study Bible.

The Al Mohler Encyclopedic Punditry Study Bible.

The Abraham Piper 22 Words Study Bible.

The Steve Hays Study Bible.

The Jared Wilson Stay-At-Home-Dad Study Bible.

Van Til’s Animals in Scripture Study Bible.

The “Reason for a Study Bible” Study Bible, edited by Tim Keller.

The Mark Driscoll R-Rated Study Bible for Dudes.

The Paula White “What the….” Study Bible.

The Boar’s Head Tavern Study Bible, edited by Matthew Johnson and Bill Mackinnon.

The Internet Monk Mongrels and Evangelicals Study Bible.

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