Thursday, March 05, 2009

How to Exasperate Your Children

Erik Raymond @ reviews the elements that he preached on Colossians 3. Reflecting on Col. 3:21 he came up with a list of 12 surefire ways to exasperate your children:

  1. Be a hypocrite
  2. Be a bully to them
  3. Be harsh to them
  4. Be Emotionally Distant from them
  5. Show Favoritism to Other Kids
  6. Have Unrealistic Standards
  7. Be Mr Question your kid’s salvation guy
  8. Be Mr Assure your kid’s salvation guy
  9. Don’t discipline them
  10. Discipline them without biblical instruction
  11. Don’t teach them the Bible
  12. Don’t connect discipline to the gospel
Here is the rest of the sermon:

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