Tuesday, March 03, 2009

New Song Sketches

Stephen Altrogge @ http://www.theblazingcenter.com notes the plans at Sovereign Grace Music to release a CD with songs that focus on God as Father. He posted a rough audio and lyrics:

Here’s the lyrics:

How long would you pursue
One who hated you?
How long would you keep calling?
And how far would you go
To make me your own?
To rescue one who’s fallen?

Oh the lengths you went to prove your love

You gave up your son to save me
Your beloved to make me yours
Now I call you Father
How could I question your love?
I’ve been bought with sacred blood
Now I call you Father

How much would you do
To make me trust in you?
To prove that you are for me?
You crushed your only child
So I could know your smile
And be with you in glory

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