Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ways to avoid dealing with your sin

Dan Phillips@ http://teampyro.blogspot.com has a tongue-in-cheek look at ways to avoid dealing with sin. He covers:
Romans 1:18 - 3:20,Luke 6:46

  1. The "grace" card.
  2. The "judge not" card.
  3. "Yeah... but you did it with the wrong attitude."
  4. Three magic words: "You're not loving."
And we must also remember Scripture has a good deal of wisdom for the rebuked, as well. Here's a mere smattering:
Let a righteous man strike me—it is a kindness;
let him rebuke me—it is oil for my head;
let my head not refuse it (Psalm 141:5a)

If you turn at my reproof, behold, I will pour out my spirit to you;
I will make my words known to you (Proverbs 1:23)

...reprove a wise man, and he will love you.
9 Give instruction to a wise man, and he will be still wiser;
teach a righteous man, and he will increase in learning (Proverbs 9:8b-9)

Whoever heeds instruction is on the path to life,
but he who rejects reproof leads others astray (Proverbs 10:17)

Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge,

but he who hates reproof is stupid (Proverbs 12:1)

There is severe discipline for him who forsakes the way;
whoever hates reproof will die (Proverbs 15:10)

Whoever ignores instruction despises himself,
but he who listens to reproof gains intelligence (Proverbs 15:32)

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