Monday, October 01, 2007

A Bullhorn Response

This video called "A Bullhorn Response" is a No Compromise Christian response by Todd Friel, Host of Way Of The Master Radio. Todd responds Biblically to Rob Bell's lukewarm video called the "Bullhorn Guy"� a video criticizing Street Preachers who use bullhorn's to Preach Repentance & Trust in Jesus.

It's a fact that there are many Ministers & Churches these days that would rather we water down the message of the True Gospel with the another "so called" gospel that is not offensive, does not Convict one of Sin, nor warn of God's Coming Judgment. Jesus however warned everyone continually that we need to Repent Of Our Sins & Turn To Him. God has set a day for Judging the World. Acts 17:30-31, Mt 13:37-43, Lk 13:3 Todd Friel explains the obvious differences between the various "so called" gospels being preached these days, with the one true Gospel that is clear, sound, and biblical. Todd shows us that we should never compromise God's Word by watering down the Gospel, and he encourages true Christians to be actively persuading all to come to Repentance & Trust in Christ while there is still time

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