Monday, May 05, 2008

Great News Today! Or Despite Us, the Church is Winning! Or Ten Reasons to Be Happy

John Mark Reynolds @ lists 10 reasons why we should rejoice about what is happening globally right now.

Number 1: The Christian church is booming globally.

Number 2: The global Christian majority has seen our hedonism and is voting “no.”

Number 3: Pope Benedict

A public intellectual as pope is good for all of us.

Number 4: The Rise of Pro-Life Democrats

Number 5: Torture is on the way out.

Number 6: We face disheveled terrorists on the run and not global Fascism and Communism.

Number 7: We live in the golden age of entertainment.

There is bad stuff out there, but there is also the best and widest selection of entertainment ever. This week my family will watch (via our home network) a Shakespeare film we could never have seen when I was a child. “Nobody” wanted to see it and so none of the “big three networks” would have shown it.

Number 8: The monopoly on information and publication is dying.

Number 9: The fact that an African-American will be the Democrat nominee for President is good news. The fact that he can be criticized or supported on the issues is also good. Win or lose for Senator Obama, the nation will be better for having broken a barrier.

Number 10: We have more wealth to use to do good things.

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