Monday, May 26, 2008

“A Short Defense of Imputation”

“Am I Really Condemned for the Sin of Another?”

Three types of sin:
  • Personal Sin: Sins committed by the individual. All people have personal sin (Romans 3:23; 1 John 1:10)
  • Inherited Sin: The physical and spiritual corruption which produces a bent and inclination toward sin and a natural enmity toward God (Eph. 2:3; John 8:44; Jer. 13:23; Ps. 51:5). This sin is mediated (inherited) directly from our parents.
  • Imputed Sin: God’s immediate declaration of guilt to every individual for the sin of Adam. This sin is “imputed” (or credited) to all people as if they had committed the sin.

He covers a summary of where the traditions fall with regards to these three.

  • Reformed Evangelicals:
  • Arminians:
  • Catholics:
  • Orthodox:
Finally, a short History of Original Sin
  • Pelagianism
  • Arminians
  • Augustinianism
  • Federalism

Romans 5:12-21

This comparison is between two things:

1. The effects of Adam’s sin
2. The effects of Christ’s righteousness

Through Adams Sin | Through Christ’s Righteousness
Judgment (16) Free gift (16)
Condemnation (16) Justification (16)
Death Reigned (17) Life Reigned (17)
One Transgression=Condemnation of all (18) One Act of Righteousness=Justification of all (18)
Adam’s disobedience=many were made sinners (19) Christ’s obedience=many were made righteous (19)

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