Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ten Reasons to Embrace Servant Evangelism

Steve Sjogren @ http://garyrohrmayer.typepad.com offers ten practical reasons for using Servant Evangelism in your church:
  1. It opens doors into the heart of your community.
  2. It develops a doable ministry in your church.
  3. It creates an opportunity for the church to "get involved."
  4. It allows a few to touch many.
  5. It gives practical tips for public considerations.
  6. It is simple, non-aggressive and inexpensive.
  7. It doesn't require extensive training.
  8. It offers many evangelism and outreach strategies.
  9. It nurtures team efforts and team-centeredness.
  10. It is a lot of fun! (HT)

Gary Rohrmayer adds:

  1. It promotes an incarnational spirit of evangelism. Getting people out of the building and onto the streets. John 20:21
  2. It helps to identify the "men and women of peace" in our communities. Luke 10:5-6
  3. It reinforces the gospel in the life of the participants.Philemon6
  4. It shines a light in a dark world. Matthew 5:14-16
  5. It is easily delegated to lay leadership. Professionals are not needed!
  6. It promotes the values of kindness, generosity and servanthood.
  7. It leverages permission based marketing.
  8. It unleashes outreach creativity with the church. Ideas are limitless.
  9. It provide an avenue for "Research & Development" in the local church.
  10. It fills peoples buckets through a positive emotional experience.

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