Friday, April 25, 2008

Engaging the Culture with the Gospel

Brian Hedges @ deals with the topic of engaging the culture with the Gospel. From Acts 17:16-34 notes:
1. We must be gripped with a passion for the glory of God.

2. We must learn the language of the culture.

3. We must dismantle false worldviews and construct a distinctively Christian worldview in our sharing of the gospel.

Worldviews are formed by answers to certain basic questions:

*Where did I come from? (origins, human nature)
*Why am I here? (meaning, purpose in life)
*What time is it? (history)
*What’s wrong? (evil, suffering)
*What’s the solution? (hope, redemption)
*Where am I going? (future, afterlife)

Notice how Paul addresses several of these basic worldview questions as he describes:

*God’s nature as the transcendent Creator of all;
*Man’s nature as created in God’s image (“his offspring”);
*A linear view of history (rather than cyclical) with definite beginning and ending points;
*The human problem as ignorance (of God) and divine judgment (for sin);
*The divine solution in Christ’s resurrection from the dead (implying the cross) and repentance from sin.

Criterion for Successful Evangelism

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