Thursday, April 17, 2008

Jesus Is Not a Vending Machine

Kelly Randolph @ reviews Paul Tripp and Timothy Lane's How People Change.

He notes: "It is a wonderfully gospel-centered book about how God transforms lives. One of the things that grips me as I am working my way through this book is how seriously the authors take the gospel. Like the gospel, they locate the real problems with our lives not outside of us but inside of us - our sin. In addition, they locate the solution to our problems (sin) not as something we generate from the inside, but something that comes from outside of us - redemption through Christ. It is refreshing to read a book about life change that views sin as a radical problem and salvation and as a radical solution".

From the

Jesus is not a vending machine that dispenses what we want to feel good about ourselves. He is the Holy One who comes to cleanse us, fill us, and change us. He does not do this according to our agendas. He will not serve our wayward needs. He loves us too much to merely make us happy. He comes to make us holy. There will be many occasions when he will not give us what we think we need, but rather, he will give us what he knows we need.

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