Friday, April 11, 2008

Thoughts on Revival

William @ www. reviews a biography of Jonathan Edwards by Ian Murray.

On this subject he notes: "Some of the false ideas about revival that I have been taught have been: a right atmosphere that can usher in and sustain revival can be manufactured by the right mood, the right style of preaching, the right kind of church architecture and the right kind of preparation. Of course, only God can send revival, but we have to manufacture the right atmosphere for it to be sent to. From what I read, there does seem to be an atmosphere and a condition necessary prior to the sending of revival, but it doesn't look like what we are being taught today".

We try to make revival conditions by:"manufacturing an atmosphere of excitement and energetic worship services manufacturing the conversions of numbers of souls through means of invitations, quick decision prayers, bus loads of people who agree to pray those prayers,
manufacturing a style of preaching that excites people
manufacturing a style of music to stirr the emotions"

Noting Edwards: He " believed that this kind of thinking by-passed two facts:
1. That reason is impaired , depraved, and corrupted
2.the gospel requires men to believe things above reason merely on the authority of divine revelation".

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