Thursday, September 18, 2008

An "Apologetics" conference that is needed

Ingrid Schlueter @ has been reflecting in light of an apologetics conference at Southern Evangelical Seminary. He notes that Christians are largely lampooned today, not because of Jesus Christ, but because of the garbage done in His name.

In thinking about a new conference he notes:

maybe they shouldn’t call this a National Apologetics Conference. I think it should be called a National Apology Conference. They could line up Christian “leaders” and lay people who could spend hours apologizing:

1. We’re sorry for treating Jesus Christ as a life-enhancement product.

2. We’re sorry for funding and listening to crooks and liars on TV and sending them money.

3. We’re sorry for attending churches where live motorcycle stunts are performed onstage.

4. We’re sorry for having 3rd rate ethics while claiming to follow Christ.

5. We’re sorry that neighbors had to call the police because our church sound system blew out their windows.

6. We’re sorry for supporting a deranged “evangelist” who kicks people in the stomach to cure their cancer.

7. We’re sorry for wearing/selling/buying stupid T-shirts that blaspheme God and thinking that would impress non-Christians.

8. We’re sorry for spending billions of dollars on music downloads and CD’s of our favorite Christian pop stars and funding their demise.

9. We’re sorry for blowing off Sola Scriptura and returning to medieval mysticism.

10. We’re sorry for buying books from heretical wolves like Brian McLaren who deny hell, the substitutionary atonement and the Second Coming.

11. We’re sorry for adopting hindu worship practices as a Christian means of encountering God.

12. We’re sorry for buying trash like The Shack that redefines the Trinity and introduces goddess theology to evangelicals.

13. We’re sorry for following the Rupert Murdoch-sponsored Pied Piper into his latest church campaign because we refuse to think biblically.

You get the idea. Maybe the National Apology Conference idea will catch on. I won’t hold my breath.

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