Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Children's Music Recommendation-Jamie Soles has some interesting recommendations for music. They note: "If you're looking for edifying, God glorifying, good quality, great songs, children's Christian music that teach Biblical truths, then we highly recommend Jamie Soles. These are great for family devotions, children's groups, homeschool, in the car, and even adults can enjoy them".

Here are a few samples of lyrics and tunes

Greater is He
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"High up on Mount Carmel under the blazing sun
Prophets in attendance, four hundred fifty one
Most of them were there to fight
The only man that's good
Sounds unfair, but this man understood...

Greater is He (greater is He) that is in me
than he that is in the world (echo)
Greater is He that is in me
than he that is in the world"

Bad Guys part 1

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"Pharaoh thought he was the sun god
When you think such rot you're bound to be bad
Though he tried to keep us under
In the end he died, and God's people were glad

So may all Your enemies perish
But let the righteous shine like the sun
We are the friends of God and He will save us
Because we worship His Son."

And you can read further lyrics and hear samples of more albums HERE.

You can buy Jamie Soles Music
HERE, on on CD, mp3 download (full album), and also Songbook.

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