Wednesday, September 03, 2008

TD Jakes becomes a conduit for false homosexual theology

Gay Christian Movement Watch has a report on the false teacher TD Jakes who is not only repositioning himself as a defender of gay christian theology, but one who has attempted to draw other men into homosexual conduct with him.

In an audio (courtesy of Faith and Reason), Jakes can be heard giving credibility to the astonishing fallacy that Ruth and Naomi had a lesbian relationship. Why is TD Jakes advocating two of the favorite lies of the gay christian movement?

“Ruth turns to Naomi and says “I shall not leave thee.” She makes her statement to this woman…that sounds somewhat, somewhere in between poetry, intimacy, and borders on lesbianism. People don’t even know how to explain what Ruth said to Naomi. It makes them uncomfortable. They’re afraid to talk about it. They don’t want to teach on it. Same thing with David and Jonathan…where there were same-sex relationships getting too close, people don’t even know what to say.” (our italics)

Richard Youngblood became the subject of a vendetta orchestrated by TD Jakes causing him to lose his marriage and family. Youngblood, who knew and worked with Bishop Jakes since he first came into Higher Ground Always Abounding Assemblies (HGAAA), recently wrote that Jakes is the type of man characterized in Jude 4 as one who ”crept into the church unawares”. Youngblood’s story of Jakes’ sexual pursuit of him is nothing less than stunning.

While Bishop Jakes was not successful in his attempt to have sex with me, he did everything he could to try to convince me. After seeing that I would not fall for his tactic, he said something to me that to this day still reverberates in my ear…”sometimes to much light hurts the eyes.” At first I had no idea what he meant. Then later understood that he was saying to me that he had revealed too much of himself to me. DUH!!! What an understatement from such an articulate man. This is where my personal warfare began. Questions began to surface in my head like…”what kind of sign was I giving off that made him think he could approach me?” Then the warfare took on a feeling that I felt a need to prove my manhood. I began to have sex with as many women as would allow me to satisfy my lust to prove my manhood. All the while protecting his”too much light.” The saddest part to this warfare is that because of the information that I had, Bishop was afraid that I would use it against him so he began to forecast me as a trouble maker and a liar. All of the mutual friend [sic] that we had received phone calls and were told not to invite me to speak at their events. Obviously because of his reputation, he was believed and I was not. He even sowed seed [sic] in my home between my wife and I by telling her that I was no longer welcomed to the church but that she could continue coming. That marriage eventually ended in divorce.”

There will be those, who will without the slightest hesitation, defend the men they have made idols. We have much evidence of that right here on this site.

When Gay Christian Movement Watch first exposed the connection between Bishops Jakes and Taylor, they sent a letter (click thumbnail for larger view) claiming claiming the post was “libelous and grossly inaccurate”. Sources later told GCM Watch Taylor was thrown under the bus by Watkins and Jakes in order to cover their own involvement. Bishop Andrew Merritt left the organization after he became aware that HGAAA leadership was complicit and condoning of homosexual activity.


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