Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Second Coming of Emergers

With all the renewed conversation about the emerging church that is blanketing the web once again, C Michael Patton @ enters the “conversation” in a somewhat atypical way.

Some are proclaiming the death of the emerging church saying, “The emerging church is dead—at least in nomenclature, if not in spirit.” Others such as Scot McKnight, Andrew Jones, and Dan Kimball are calling this a nominal death, believing the name itself is no longer descriptive of the original intent of the group, but that the principles expressed will move on. Scot’s post had the spirit of a “call to arms” of the emerging ethos. Others, such as Brian McLaren and Tony Jones may to be holding on to its designation with some hesitant resolve (if you you will allow me to combine those two words)

How about a chart to describe this! (Start from the bottom).

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He concludes with reviews from:




2008-2010 (Prophetically Stated)

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