Monday, March 17, 2008

The Basic Plot of Scripture, Part 1

M. Osborne at covers the basic plot of Scripture. He notes:osborne_earth_from_space.jpg

"What is the Bible about? Can we reduce it to a basic plot summary? Like any other literature, it tells a story. Some elements are crucial; other elements elaborate. Granted that everything God says is true and important, He nevertheless emphasizes some things over others. Furthermore, the Holy Spirit superintended the arrangement of revelation into a particular form and order. What is that form and order? What can it teach about God’s purposes in history? Can it function as a basic “road map” for biblical interpretation, providing orientation in more difficult Scripture passages? Can it inform ethics or apologetics?

The storyline of Scripture presents three basic ideas: creation, the fall, and redemption. Genesis introduces each of these themes early on; each continues throughout the whole of Scripture; and each finds its conclusion in Revelation. The themes of creation, fall, and redemption are like three poles of a teepee, leaning against one another. If one goes down, they all go down, for we define and understand each in light of the other two. This series of articles begins by laying the exegetical groundwork for these three themes. Then I suggest a few areas in which a right understanding of these themes can help us".

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