Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Third Word: “Dear woman, here is your son.” (John 19:26)

Mark D. Roberts @ www.markrobers.com continues with the third in the series on the Seven Last Words of Christ. He notes:

What does Mary's presence at the cross evoke in you?
Why do you think was it necessary for Jesus to suffer physical pain as he died?

He closes with a prayer:

"Lord Jesus, the presence of your mother at the cross engages my heart. You are no longer only the Savior dying for the sins of the world. You are also a fully human man, a son with a mother.

O Lord, how can I begin to thank you for what you suffered? My words fall short. My thoughts seem superficial and vague. Nevertheless, I offer my sincere gratitude for your suffering. Thank you for bearing my sin on the cross. I give you my praise, my love, my heart . . . all that I am, because you have given me all that you are.

All praise be to you, Lord Jesus, fully God and fully human, Savior of the world . . . my Savior! Amen".

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