Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Where are you, God?

Esther is a "godless" book: God is never mentioned, no one prays, there are no miracles, etc. For some of us, this feels like our lives. We ask questions like, God, do you exist? Are you paying attention? Don't you care? And sometimes there aren't answers and sometimes there isn't a healing. But as we see in Esther, God is silhouetted and he doesn't always work through his visible hand of miracles, but through his invisible hand of providence. God is working everything out according to a plan for his glory and our good.

This clip is excerpted from the sermon "Jesus Is a Better King," part 1 of our new sermon series, Esther: God's Perfect Work through Imperfect People. It was preached by Pastor Mark Driscoll at Mars Hill Downtown Bellevue and released online on September 16.

Watch the full sermon here: http://jesus.to/OUdnuE

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