Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Disconnected: Expectations teens have

DISCONNECTED: Connecting with Teens in the Digital Age
View the complete program at: https://dod.org/dod2408.html

They’ve never known a time without the Internet and access to a variety of mobile devices and social media outlets. So why do today’s virtually connected teens feel so disconnected in their real-life relationships? In this clip, Chap Clark and Paul Downer share their insights regarding teens and expectations.
In Disconnected, three foremost youth leaders and a psychiatrist help you understand the challenges of making the adult-teen connection from both sides of the table. Drawing from their research and sharing wisdom from the Word, they offer insights to help you cultivate a high-impact, life-giving relationship with the teens you parent, teach, or mentor. Watch the complete video online: https://dod.org/dod2408.html

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